This site has been my pet project for a few months now, and has been the testing ground for some tools and techniques that I wanted to try out. If you like the site, or are interested in how it's made, read on! A fair warning: these articles are reasonably technical. I don't plan on explaining everything I refer to, or start from the ground up on how to make a website, but I will provide links to where you can read more information about what I'm talking about if you aren't familiar with programming, websites, the particular tools I'm using. Ingredients: ------------ * [Jekyll](/initialization.html), a static site generator, is what I use to essentially build the site. As you can infer, then, it's a static site, and in fact since I'm using Github pages, it's a strictly static site -- even the forms are all done client-side (kind of...see the [Simple Form](#) section for more information. * [Sass](, a CSS preprocessor I use on all my sites to make writing CSS just a little less painful. I highly recommend it, and have even [given a talk]( on it. * [Github Pages]( is where I host the site, mostly because I'm lazy and it works. I chose to make this site purely static, and you can [read why here](/static.html). * [Simple Form]( was used to create the form. It seems a little sketchy at first, but I haven't had any problems with it thus far, and it does what I need it to! * [Slicknav](#) was used to create the mobile menu (which you should totally try out -- I'm actually really proud of it). Directions: ----------- 1. [Initialize](/initialization.html) your jekyll site. 2. [Configure your site](/configuration.html). There are a few helpful hints I have for configuring a jekyll site; for instance, you can create directories in the root of your website, give them an ``_post`` subdirectory, and all posts in that subdir will autocatically be categorized according to the parent directory. 3. [The Plugins](/plugins.html). I used a couple of awesome plugins to add a search bar and contact form. 4. [Sass](http:// 5. [Social Media](/social-media.html). Giving users the ability to share my content on social media, and make it look nice, was surprisingly difficult (and as of this writing has not actually happened yet).